Shanti – culinary experiments in India

I wish I could say at this point that I have been in India, but I haven’t. However, I love what I know about this country: it’s kitchen, the Bollywood movies and the colors.

So, for my birthday I decided this year to spare my mom all the hurry and stress of preparation and go out for dinner instead. I chose the Indian restaurant we have in my home town. It’s called Shanti, which means “peace”. The owner’s are friends of my mom, so we had no problems getting a table.

It’s really nice there. The general style is quite simply, but the decoration is with so much love to the detail, that you will sit at your table looking around and adoring every tiny little thing all the time – and you’ll still disover something new, when you leave afterwards.

Also the food is just delicious. I don’t know if it tastes like this in India, but the cook is a native (it took quite some efforts to find someone who could cook, they told us once) so I suppose it tastes at least similar. The one thing that makes me just LOVE this restaurant is their rich offer of vegetarian food, as I don’t eat meat. Of course, they also offer food with meat, like lamb, chicken or fish.

We had a selection of different plates, like a small buffet, with Indian “Nan” bread as side dish. I don’t know what I liked most – everything of the vegetarian selection, but also the meat stuff (I jumped my shadow and tried a bit) wasn’t bad. The flavours are totally different to what I normally eat, it’s like tasting colors. You take a spoonful of one dish. At first, you’re thinking “ugh that doesn’t taste like I imagined”. Then you let the flavour unfold in your mouth, first it tastes e.g. spicy, then sweet and then spicy again and you think “WOW, that’s incredible” and you try more. After each dish, you think that was the best and then you try the next. In the end, after you have finished eating, you end up not being able to decide which dish was the best.

My conclusion of the evening?! Search for an Indian restaurant near to where you live and get a big group of people. Go there together and try as much as you can. It’s delicious!!! Thanks for reading.


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