Christmas time

Walking through the streets the number of lighted trees, houses and front yards has been growing continuosly during these last few weeks. Unless in other countries we Germans are not as enthusiastic which means that we are quite late on putting up Christmas decoration. In cities you won’t find any lights before December and people normally don’t put up their Christmas tree until a few days before Christmas.

In the case of my family, it’s become a tradition to put the tree up on the morning of 24th. This may sound late, but it’s ok, because we’ll have the tree up until Candlemas in late January. And in the past it was just more useful for my mom, because the 23rd is my birthday and so she wouldn’t have to look after us kids harming the tree during the parties… So this is why I won’t be able to post a picture of our Christmas tree until the 24th.

But we try to get to the Christmas fairy at least once every year. This year we needed a lot of time to find a date and yesterday it was time again:

We met for some bratwurstel, steaks and a cup of Christmas tea. That’s a kind of punch or glogg made of fruit tea, cinamon, oranges, vanilla and for the adults: rum.

I prefer the non-alcoholic version, because it tastes better and you can drink more. Afterwards we had some French pancakes with nougat filling – just mouth-watering. Normally we would have stayed for the angels’ chorus, but it was freezing with temperatures around 11°C and wind blowing, so we went home after we had walked over the fair (which you can actually see on the picture above.

I had planned to take some pictures, but it was too risky with the snow and wind getting the camera dirty and it was WAY to cold to take off my gloves, so perhaps I’ll do this during the next week… Thanks for reading and enjoy the last days of this year’s Christmas season.


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