Becoming Jane

I have to admit I LOVE Jane Austen. I’ve read her books more than once and I still enjoy reading them on a Sunday afternoon. Of course, it’s the stories, but also the way she writes, her style and how she develops the plot. What I find mostly extraordinary is the fact that though I know that there will be a happily ever after I cannot put the book aside until I have finished it…

So last night, I stumbled upon this movie on TV, I don’t know if you’ve heard about it: Becoming Jane. It’s a movie with Anne Hathaway starring as Jane Austen that was filmed two years ago. It’s half biographic with a lot of inspirations from her books.

Here’s the plot: England in the 18th century, Jane Austen is the daughter of a Reverend in Hampshire. Her family wants her to marry a local rich man, but Jane rejects his proposal, as she doesn’t love this gentleman. A short time later she meets Tom Lefroy from Ireland and the two fall deeply in love. Tom who is dependend on his uncle asks to get his consent to marry Jane – which, of course, he doesn’t get. So the two, Jane and Tom, decide to run away. A plan which also isn’t successful when Jane finds out that Tom’s family is dependend on the money Tom sent them regularly. In the end, Jane decides she dosn’t want Tom to dissapoint his family and tells him to leave, while she returns to her family. They meet a couple of years later when Jane is a celebrated writer and Tom is married and Jane finds out that he named his oldest daughter after her: Jane.

Yes, it’s a really kitschy story, but it’s just a wonderful movie and it has its points: It describes the role of a woman in the 18th century very well. They were supposed to find a rich man to marry and entertain by plaing the piano or singing, but it wasn’t expected for them to think independently.  So here’s the trailer: It’s worth watching it at the next girls’ night…


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