Person of the week – Jack Dorsey

So this week’s Person of the week is: Jack Dorsey

I suppose he is rather famous compared to Ms. Cooney who was featured last week. Born in 1976 in Missouri, he discovered his talent for programming at an early age of around 14.

Some of the codes he did during this time are still valid. After his studies at the University of Missouri-Rolla and in New York, Dorsey moved to San Francisco where he worked first as a programmer. In 2000, at the age of 24, he founded his own business and had the idea of what would later become Twitter.

What made me choose him for this week’s selection is the fact that a simple idea, not very different from the messages by cell phones and instant messaging has created a whole bunch of new products and services. First, there was Twitter, then other services, like TweetDecktrendsmap or twitpicwere created enriching the original service. Now you can not only keep family, friends and strangers updated on what’s going on at the moment, but you can upload pictures and additional information. You can follow trends all over the world, visually edited with statistics on the development of trends. You can access Twitter from your computer or using your mobile phone. Of course, if you have one of those smart phones there is an extra app, like Tweetie for the iPhone.  It seems there is no limit in the sky. As a tech-hard, I love all these applications and use them regularly to keep my friends updated, to promote new blog posts and keep myself informed. Do you have a twitter account?! If not, you can directly get one, klicking on the image below. And remember to follow me at

Take care!

Last week’s person of the week featured Joan Ganz Cooney. Klick, to read the post.


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