4 weeks of student protests


There are no words to describe what’s going on at Europe’s universities at the moment. When students in Austria started occupying their auditoriums in October they never imagined the response and the wave they would create all over Europe.

After a first week of relatively quiet protest some university boards made headlines as they had some auditoriums violently cleared with the help of police, arresting students. Now the protests are going into their fourth week and slowly shows glimpses of success. The secretaries of education in Germany consented that there would be a reform of the current Bachelor/Master system to improve the situation.

But students have agreed that they won’t stop their protest on promises – they want to see action. Each university has formed its own demand catalogue which contains problems of the local students and which they want to be met immediately – and if they are accomplished they will “free” the auditoriums. But it might take some time to accomplish the demands – this is why students are now settling and preparing for Christmas, not willing to leave even for the holidays and making plans into the new year.

However, some university boards, as is suspected, won’t want to wait as long and are planning to cut off light and heating (with minus degrees on the outside) to chase away the protests. Therefore every voice is needed to keep the protests alive. Inform yourself at www.unsereunis.de and take a look at this map to see if there is a university near you that you’re able to support. Thanks for reading and supporting!!!

Klick on the map to enlarge – though this view only shows Europe there are also student protests going on in the US…


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