New Moon – Review

I know there has already been a lot of coverage about New Moon, but I just have to write a short post about the movie. After I had originally considered waiting for the English original (which usually opens in theaters a little later than the translated version) I couldn’t hold my curiousity any longer and decided to watch the movie in its German translation. I have to say, it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. Of course, after being used to the actors’ original voices it was a bit strange, but allright. And to be honest, the movie was breathtaking enough to forget about it within seconds.

No, it wasn’t highly educative or anything, but it was a nice movie to watch on a Sunday evening with your best friend and dream away of prince charming – a title that Taylor defenitely deserves for his interpretation as Jacob Black. Yes, I am TEAM JACOB! But I was that already when I read the books.

So, I’ll absolutely watch the movie a second (and maybe a third) time, at least once in the original though it will hurt to watch Bella choose the wrong guy… But anyway, did you watch the movie and what do you think?!


6 thoughts on “New Moon – Review

  1. Haven’t yet seen it but WANT to see it BAD with daughter. Since I haven’t read the books or seen New Moon, not sure if I’m Team Jacob or Edward yet but I’m thinking Jacob at the moment…Makes me feel like a cougar mom (thank goodness I look young…lol) but he’s gotten HOT (and definitely better looking than Edward)!!

    Happy SITS Saturday!

  2. ooh i haven’t seen it yet. i’ve read only book #1 so far but i loved it. i can see why you’re on Team Jacob – i knew i loved his character as soon as he came into the picture. but, i still love edward it possible to be on both teams?

  3. Heihei Melissa!

    I’d recommend reading the books first to let your fantasy wander freely. I’m sure you’ll like the movies anyway, even if you imagined the characters in a different way. At least, that’s what I think…
    Take care.


  4. I did and I enjoyed it from a non-readers perspective. I had to ignore the fact that I have read all the books in order to resist critiquing it 🙂 So as long as I did that…I enjoyed the movie.

    I also had to remind myself of Jacob’s age in the movie and in reality. I’m all about body language. That’s one thing I can read easily, so I noticed how Jacob stood in certain scenes. He was clearly not comfortable in his character. The way he stood bugged the crap out of me; but hey, he’s a young actor and he is pretty darn good at what he does considering his age.

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