The Wise Guys – live in concert

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Tonight I was at the Wise Guys’ concert! And as always it was just awesome.

Going to their concert has become a really nice Christmas tradition though it’s not linked to Christmas at all. I actually discovered the Wise Guys some years ago during carnival when they were performing at one of the big carnival celebrations. They are just an incredible band. They are five male singers from the area of Cologne. Their style is quite mainstream pop with some exotic points, but what makes them special is that they are an a-capella band, which means that they only use their voices to make music. Listening to their music, as you’re probably at the moment, you don’t recognize this at the beginning, but when you pay close attention you might become aware.

Unfortunately for my only English-speaking readers most of their songs are in German, but I selected two (the first two) that are in English and the rest is in German. If you want any translations just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

But back to the concert. It was just brilliant. Usually they keep the show quite simple so you’re really able to concentrate on the music. They started at around 7 pm and sung for about 2 and a half hour and we were all very sad to leave.

Here’s the link to their blog: The Wise Guys. There you can find more about the band and their music and also tour dates…


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