Copenhagen World Climate Council

From today on till Dec. 18, the World Climate Council meets in Copenhagen to discuss measures about the Climate Change. Originally it was seen as the follow-up of the Kyoto treaty that commited all countries to reduce their CO2 emissions, but in the last months it has become obvious that nobody is willing to stick to any new obligations. While there is great understanding, that the climate change has to be stopped the ways to achieve this goal are different.

If you want to keep yourself updated go to: Copenhagen Climate Council or UN Climate Change Conference. These are two pages offering a continuous update and a lot of background information about climate, climate change and climate protection progress.

I admit that sometimes it’s a tiring subject and seems far away, but I also have to say, that I can feel the change of the climate over the years. For example, the weather in my region has become a lot less reliable. One or two decades ago, we would have 4 seasons with snow in winter, a nice spring and a hot summer. Now it’s snow till March and 30° C in April, we no longer have a spring season, but in July we often don’t have summer temperatures, but a lot of rain, which led to serious floods over the last years.

But what can we do?! Well, by starting low. We don’t all have to go to Copenhagen, but we should support the process and pressure our government to take climate saving measures, like funding the alternative energy sector and we should think about what we CAN do about saving the climate. If we all, e.g., take the bike for short rides, instead of the car or try to minimize the use of plastic bags, we help saving the climate and if all 6 billion people in the world, just help a little bit this sums up to quite a huge mass, don’t you think?!


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