There is no real translation of Advent, but it means basically the same as the English word “advent” – the beginning and arrival of something, in this context here it’s the arrival of Christmas time. In Germany the Christmas season begins around the end of November, on the fourth last Sunday before Christmas with the “1st Advent”. The following Sundays are thence called 2nd, 3rd and 4th Advent.

As a kid a really liked this time of the year when people would hang up lights on their houses and we would take a walk around our neighborhood to have a look at all the decoration. It was also the time of singing Christmas carols and spending more time with the family. Also, especially for this season, we would make an Advent wreath out of small fir branches and decorate it with four candles for the four Sundays.

Lately, out of this wreath, all kinds of styles have evolved. Last year we had mirror shives decorated with artificial snow (using cotton), so it looked like candles standing on a frozen pond. This year my mom found this nice candlestick, that looked a bit like a tray and we decorated this one.

I really like it, most of all the colors, the gold and red and orange. As we traditionally won’t put up the Christmas tree before Dec. 23rd this is a small reminder and herald of Christmas.

Are there any traditions you have???


2 thoughts on “Advent

  1. What a really neat tradition you have. I love the mirrors behind the candles. I bet that was beautiful!

    We typically put up our Christmas tree up this week or next. My daughter and I always try to make a new ornament every year. There is a story behind that, but it’s our “tradition” .

    My mom always had us decorate gingerbread houses. That was really fun.

    Loved the photos.

  2. Heihei Angelia! Great that you liked the photos. The mirrors looked indeed wonderful and I’m really sorry I didn’t take a picture.

    On the gingerbread houses you did – wow. My grandma decorated one once and I remember it was a lot of work…

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