No one knows about Persian cats

No one knows about Persian cats is a Cannes-honored movie about Iranian underground musicians. It was first shown in Cannes this year where it won the “Prix spécial du Jury Ex-aequo” award.

The story is simple. It’s about two you Iranian musicians, a boy and a girl who try to put together a band for their tour. However, the problem is, that their genre is indie rock, something strictly forbidden by the Iranian regime. So the have to work in the underground to put together a band and get the passports and visa for going abroad.

It really is a great movie. The story is based on truth events and the plot is breathcatching. It was filmed in Iran and was intended to be like a documentary, but it’s much more. It sucks you right in and you feel like your in the middle of the movie. Also the music is wonderful. Though they say they’re playing indie rock and some of the songs are in English, all songs have that clearly recognizable “oriental” touch (as we would say in Western Europe), based on the traditional way of making music. Here are two videos from YouTube:

What I found really sad about the whole story was that they were normal young people who actually wanted to use their time reasonable, but they were forced to to it secretly always in danger of being caught by the revolutionary guards or the police. They were not threatening anybody or putting the society in danger. They also emphasized throughout the movie that they loved their country and didn’t want to emigrate but to be able to return to Iran after their tour, but if they got caught they were treated like criminals.

Also the director, who gave a short Q&A after the film said that they had to do the movie secretly and that he was arrested after the movie was shown in Cannes and that he was quite sad to be threatened with prison every time he returns to Iran, but that regardless he would return, because this is his home country.

Unfortunately, there is only limited coverage to be found on the Internet, but I’m sure that by spreading word it will become more known and there will be a DVD and a soundtrack available soon. In the meantime you can read the small article on Wikipedia and keep your eyes open…


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