Architectural talent

I need somenone with either architectural talent or formation to design my dream home ;-). Well, basically it would also be ok, if the person could draw properly, because if there is one thing I am absolutely terrible at, it’s painting. I tried it, but it didn’t lead me anywhere. But anyway, I’ll use words to describe the house I dreamed about last night:

Coming up the drive the first glimpse you get of the house, gives you the impression of an old estate. The design is a mixture of Southern Spanish and Greek elements with white-chalked walls and window frames out of dark wood (perhaps the color of chestnut or teak). The entrance door in the middle of the front facade (made of the same dark wood, with two wings and a small window in each of the wings) is set back under an archway, so you feel a bit like entering a castle.

This picture only gives an impression of the style, the combination of white and wood:


On the left side of the house is a rectangular tower, only two meters higher than the main building. Turning around the tower, circling the house you’ll come into the garden. On the right side of the house a drive leads to the garages.

Entering the house through the front doors you get into a small hallway that leads to the back of the house. Right next to the entrance, on the right, stairs lead up into the 2nd floor. On the left is a walk-in closet and a door goes into the kitchen area. If you wlak straight on and follow the hallway to the back of the house you pass a powder room on the right (below the stairs) and enter the formal sitting area, which is right in front. Just before you enter this room the hallway continues to the right leading to a study on the right and the formal dining room on the left.

I imagine the formal sitting room a mixture of 19th century furniture and colonial style with dark wood, but the whole room is illumitated by huge windows facing into the garden. The room is also two storied, with a balcony on the second floor (which is the corridor). The formal dining room is kept quite simple with a big wooden table offering space for 8 persons and matching chairs. The one eye-catching element is the big candelier in the middle of the room. Also in this room the windows face into the garden. The study faces the front yard. It looks like a library with bookshelves on all walls.

Returning to the entrance, take the door leading to the kitchen. It is situated in what would be the base of the tower. Entering the kitchen there is a small pantry on your right. In front of you is the kitchen area with a huge oven and a freestanding work space. You turn right and circle the work space. You are now standing in the middle of the room in front of a massive dinner table. It’s quite the opposite of the formal dining room a rough wood with a collection of different chairs and stools.  On the right is another bookshelf. Next to the bookshelf is a fire place. It goes a bit (maybe half a meter) into the room, like a transparent divide between the dining area and the sitting area. The sitting area is almost like a winter garden with huge windows to the side and a great outlook into the garden with its pool area.

While the front of the house looked like massive stone the back is the total opposite: A modern combination of steel, glass and wood (preferably the same sort of wood that is used for the windows in the front), with huge windows that let the light in and give you the impression of sitting in the open. I think it would look a bit like the Hoke House from Skylab Architectures:

Thanks to Design Tavern

Returning another time to the entrance you now take the stairways up to the 2nd floor. When you arrive at the top of the stairs you are standing on the balcony that opens up to the formal sitting area below. On the left and right leads a hallway to the sleeping rooms and baths.

The left side is the children’s area. Following this part of the hallway there is one room on the right and the other in the front, while the bathroom is on the left. Taking the right part of the hallway one enters the master bedroom. It offers a nice combined sleeping/sitting area with another fireplace, a walk-in closet and a huge bathroom with spa area.

Also the upper part of the house is divided into the traditional and the modern way of style.

I don’t know, if I’ll ever have the money to build this house or if I’ll still like it when I have the money, but I thought it was worth sharing. If anybody should feel like drawing it feel free to contact me…


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