Enivronmental Protection – 2

This morning I was sitting in the train on my way to university thinking about what would happen if everybody decided to use public transport from one day to the other. I think the public transport system would just collapse. It’s already at its limits at the moment, with trams and undergrounds driving buffer-bar to buffer bar during rush-hour. So, it wouldn’t be wise to all start using only public transport (like I suggested in my last post), but I’ve thought of another way.

  • Arrange car-pools. This is an excellent way, especially if you come from a rural area where you need a car to move around. Look for people from your neighborhood who drive into the same direction as you do or post a notice in your local newspaper. Driving in car-pools has various advantages: First, of all, the car’s capacity is used more efficiently. Second, you save yourself a good deal of nerves, if you don’t have to drive all the time and it’s ways more funny to be in a traffic jam when you have company.
  • This is a complete different point, but it also came up to me this morning:
    Read paper editions of newspapers. If you spend more than 30 min a day reading the same newspaper, it’s better to read the paper-print edition than the digital version, scientist found out. A plus is also, that you can take the paper with you on the train and read it there.
  • Do you like take-away coffee? Get yourself one of those thermo-cups. I love them. They are just really handsome.  The one you see on the photo is from Starbuck’s Fall Edition. But these tumblers are not only stylish, they are also saving resources, because you can refill them every day and don’t have to use a new paper cup every day. They also keep your coffee warm…

Isn’t it easy to act environmental-friendly? Reading today’s post I was surprised what little it can take to protect our earth. Just writing this I already got new ideas that I’m going to work on…

Although I’ll be sounding like Amazon now, but if you liked this, you might also like to read this entry.


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