Wine Tasting

Den deutschen Text finden Sie hier.

Oh my… I haven’t been sooo drunk for a long time. Last night my boyfriend and I went to a wine tasting. We had long planned this in spite of being on Halloween. To tell the truth, it was as much fun though without the dressing up and the decoration was clearly Halloween inspired.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a wine tasting so I’ll describe it a bit. We went to the city hall where the tasting was taking place at around 7.30 pm. There were 9 wines on the agenda, each tried one after the other.

First, everybody was given a bit of the wine ( about 0.1 l, though I took even less with each turn) and while we were tasting the vintner talked about what sort of wine it was and what we were supposed to taste, how the vines are grown, etc.
Everybody had a little book where all wines were filed and if you liked the wine you’d mark it, so you could get another glass later.

After three rounds, snacks were handed around: fresh bread with local meat specialities and cheese to neutralize the taste. I liked the cheese, it was Obatzda, some kind of cheese salad, typical for Bavaria.

Back to the wines. We tried six white wines and three red wines some more sweet some more dry. I preferred the drier ones, especially one white wine, called White Burgund, and the Portugues red wine that were just delicious. All come from a German wine area in the Pfalz.

I was quite a bit drunk by the end of the evening, but it was real fun. I’m sorry the photos aren’t of such a good quality, but it seems I’m not so good at taking photographs while I’m drunk.

and After the Tasting

I’d also like to thank the winery of the Scherr Family for the wonderful evening we had.


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