Do you have a pet? Well, I have a dog, it’s a West Highland White Terrier. In Germany we call them Cesar dogs, because of the dog’s nutrition company.

My dog’s a girl and when we were thinking of a name for her, back when we bought her, the first that came to our mind was Chica. That’s Spanish and simply means girl. We immediately loved the name, also given the fact that it seems to be a quite simple name. At least that’s what we thought. Our neighbors and friends seemed to have more problems calling her anything from Chikka to Chita.

Of course, Chica didn’t mind. She’d love anybody who’d take her for a walk or give some attention. And she is an adorable doggy, incredibly small and all soft with her white fur. Some poeple suggested that we’d call her snowball when they first saw her. And that’s true. Her favourite season is winter and then she’ll be up right in the morning bouncing through the house to get me or my brother to go outside with her.

Some weeks ago we had an appointment at the vet’s and the vet asked me how old she was. When I answered that Chica’s now 11 years old (that’d be something like 70 years in dog years), the vet was really surprised, saying that she didn’t act like being that old. And, in fact, that’s also what I think. Since I started university I’ve been spending more and more time with Chica and I get the impression that she’s more active than she was some years ago.

Now, no day passes that she doesn’t want to play and fight and she just loves taking long walks. There’s one thing you have to get used to, though: She doesn’t walk in front of you (like the majority of dogs do), but trails far behind, even up to 500 m. But that’s no problem. She’s much too afraid to run away :-).

In fact, if you’re looking for a family dog, this would be the perfect dog. Chica’s patient, quiet, well-behaved and nice. But, sometimes she’s a bit stubborn, however that’s also ok.

Just this morning she was soooo cute. I normally feed her right after I have breakfast and then take her for a walk. Sometimes I’ll dress and get ready while she’s eating. When she’s finished, she’ll sit down at the stairs on the first floor and wait for me to come down. Today, however, she was too impatient (of course, with temperatures dropping and being around 0°C she feels that snow is not far away) and came up the stairs, waggling her tail. When she came in to my room she was just soooo happy she had found me, jumping around my feet and urging me to hurry up. No need to say that we had a wonderful stroll through the countryside…

So, if you’d ask me if your kids should have a pet, I’d say absolutely yes. An animal is the best friend you can have and it’s good to have someone to care for. I’d never want to miss her, though it’s a huge responsibility.


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