Environmental Protection – 1

To start with, protecting the environment is really, really easy. Let’s start with the growing mountains of trash. Parts of them are quite unnecessary. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid plastic bags. Put a cotton bag into you handbag, your backpack, into your car or wherever you might need one. If you don’t like cotton bags, collect some of the more durable plastic bags and reuse those. I, for example, always have one plastic bag carrier of my bike and a cotton bag in my backpack. That comes quite handy when I decide to shop groceries on my way home.
    Or why don’t you buy yourself one of those wonderful baskets, either out of wood (I love them!) or one of those stylish nylon-fibre all-rounders.
  • Buy local products. Wow, so this one has more than one advantage. First of all, if you buy products from your area you support regional economy and there’s nothing like saving jobs ;-). Second, there’s a saying in Germany that eating local products you know what you eat. Well, that’s not totally true, of course, because you can’t be friends with all milk cows within a 40 km range, but the general meaning is right. You might know, at least, that the cow lived on the outside and wasn’t perched into a barn where it could barely move.
    Third, buying local products saves a lot of CO2. Why? Well consider what amount of energy it will take to transport an apple for about 40 km or to import it from the other end of the world (for Europe this would be somewhere in South America, e.g.)
  • Buy ecological products. What’s the benefit from eco-products you might ask. Well, that’s quite simple. Their nutritional value is higher. E.g. an eco-apple: OK, it might not be quite as big as a conventionally grown apple, it might also have some scratches and not look as shiny, but it doesn’t have as much pesticides neither. This gives your body a health boost and lessens the danger of getting any allergies.
    Another aspekt are wholemeal products. Thanks to the special treatment the  grain receives, the flour is healthier and bread, pasta etc. made with wholemeal keep you full for a longer time. So, this might be a secret tip for people trying to loose weight. Eating wholemeal products makes you eat less!
    Third, eco-products are also mainly seasonal products. Of course, this might imply that you won’t get everything, but it also means a lot of variety throughout the year.

Though it might be difficult to change one’s habits, I think every try is worth it… Also follow my other entries on this topic here


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