Do you know where Halloween comes from? I would never have guessed and was surprised to read that it was Ireland. It’s original name was All Hallow’s Eve as it was celebrated on the evening before All Hallows (a more common word today is All Saints’ Day).

The custom to cave pumpkins  comes from the legend of Jack O. who betrayed the devil to not have to go to hell. But after his death he also wasn’t allowed to go to heaven and had to wander in the shadows. So the devil gave Jack a beet and a glowing coal to find his way through the dark.


During the great emigration waves in the 19th century people from Ireland carried this tradition to the US. As roots weren’t available they helped themselves and used pumpkins, who are also referred to as Jack O’Lantern. They were put in front of the houses to hold off ghosts.

Nowadays it’s a mix of all kinds of celebrations. Children dress themselves up as witches, ghosts or monsters and go through the neighborhoods ringing at houses to get a “trick or treat”. In Germany it is almost some kind of second carnival with parties etc.

If you like Halloween or hate it, in any case I think the carving of pumpkins is really nice and I have collected some really good pumkin images:

You can also find all these pictures and more at:



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