With the weather getting so wintry I decided it was time to start knitting a shawl against the cold. We learned this a long time ago in elementary school when we unsuccessfully tried to do a Santa Clause, but I haven’t knitted anything since then. So, why not give it a try.

The first goal was to get me wool and kitting needles. This was quite easy, as we have a knitting studio in town where you can get all the stuff for knitting and sewing. I was lucky enough to go there a Friday morning and found the store full of women getting the same as I was: wool. There was even more luck on my side, I met an old friend of my grandma’s who had some time left to give me some advice. I have this wonderful knitted cap that looks a bit like a bonnet and I wanted to do a matching shawl. You would never imagine the variety of wool and it took my quite some time to select the right product. Finding the needles was also easy as the size is indicated on the balls.

While I was paying the shop assistant asked what I wanted to do, so I answered, as I sad above that I wanted a matching shawl for my hat. She smiled and said that this would look lovely and added something like “knit stich and purl and let one drop”. Of course, I had no idea what she meant and she noticed this immediately. I was lucky enough, because she then showed me what she had meant…

My first try at home was really, really poor. The stiches didn’t have the same size, I didn’t manage the pattern and I was about to give up. But that would have ment all the work for nothing. So I fought hard… This is how far I am:

I’d say that I still have to knit more than twice the size it has at the moment, but doesn’t it already look like a really warm shawl that makes you wanna snuggle in?


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