The Host – Stephenie Meyer

After reading the Twilight Series I was very curious about her other book – The host. However, I was really afraid that I`d be disappointed.

That’s why I waited quite a while before I bought the book. However, last week, I started the book and was absolutely absorbed into the story.

The plot is about aliens – called souls – populating the earth by inserting themselves into the humans’ brains. Normally, the souls take over the mind completely, but the main character “Wanderer” faces opposition by the original human’s mind “Melanie”. With the help of Melanie in her mind, Wanderer goes looking for Melanie’s love and her brother. After a long search they find both together with other humans who have not been “invaded” by souls, because they are hiding from the population. First, everybody fears that they have been found, but slowly are convinced that the soul within Melanie’s body means no harm to them. On the contrary, she makes life even more easy for them.

Though I am no big fan of science fiction this book was just awesome. The way Stephenie develops the plot around the characters makes it impossible to lay the book away. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop before I was finished. It’s a bit of a love story, but mainly a story about what can happen if people work together and do not only think of themselves, but care about what happens around them.

So, if you’re looking for a good read for the next holidays, I would recommend getting yourself a copy of this book.


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