Handball – the Championship phenomenon

Two years ago, Germany hosted the men’s handball world championship. Considering the fact that the German league is one of the best, if not the best at the moment this seemed like natural step to support handball. But nobody had ever imagined what would happen afterwards.

Thanks to a great team spirit and breathcatching games the German national team managed what the soccer team hadn’t the year before and won the tournament. Watching them win one game after the other sometimes with pure grace or in a “life-and-death” fight made the two weeks an ongoing celebration in a state of constant flush.


The National players became heroes of Germany’s Wintermärchen (winter fairy tale) and asking kids in school about their role models they would for once not mention a soocer player, but names like Pascal Hens, Mimi Kraus or Dominik Klein.

The sports clubs all over the country were overrun with boys and girls who wanted to start playing handball. At our local handball club we had never experienced something comparable before, suddenly being faced by 30 or more kids in every age group. Two years later this enthusiasm has only ceased by little. Youth work is still phenomenal, but also pro-handball has lived to see  new energy and development.

The German league is momentarily dominating the world with matadors like the THW Kiel or HSV Handball Hamburg who are constant competitors and winners of not only the national games but also international tournaments like the Champions League.

The only sad fact is, that most of the teams are located in the north of Germany which makes it difficult to watch a game live without having to make a weekend trip. Fortunately almost all the games can be watched on free-tv or in the internet. If you’re interested visit http://www.dsf.de/handball/handball-live.html or check out if there is a game taking place near you at http://www.toyota-handball-bundesliga.de


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