The ugly truth

Last saturday I went to the movies with my boyfriend. Standing in front of the posters we decided to see “The ugly truth” with Katherine Heigl.


For those who haven’t watched the movie yet: It’s the story about TV producer Abby (Katherine Heigl) whose TV show is loosing audience. To stop this downspin Abby’s bosses hire Mike Chadway the presenter of the show “The ugly truth”. In his show Mike generally talks about the differences of men and women, receiving huge audiences. At first, Abby really hates Mike as he is the total opposite of her, using abusive language, behaving quite causal and being really spontaneous. But when Abby’s dream man moves into the house next to her, she asks Mike to help her change into the perfect woman. Mike helps her and she really gets a date with her neighbor. However, in the end, it turns out that Abby can’t change who she is and breaks up with the guy, while Mike realises that he is in love with Abby and declares his love.

I have to say that it’s a really nice and funny movie to watch. But why I really started this post was not to tell the movie’s plot, but while we were watching the movie I thought about synchronization. Funnily the film’s title has been translated to “The naked truth” in German. If you consider the plot I think the original title would have been a more adequate translation, but that’s always the problem with translations. It’s quite difficult to get the real meaning. That’s a reason why I prefer to watch movies or read books in their original language.

For example, some time ago a friend told my about the Twilight books and recommended that I read them. I thought about it for quite a while before getting the English version. (No need to say that I’m a Twilight-addict since then, but that’s another story) Soon afterwards I watched the first movie, in English, of course, and I’ve also seen the trailers for New Moon. I’ve gotten so used to the Actors’ voices that when I first heard the German translation I was totally taken aback and have decided that I’ll wait for the English movie to come to theaters before I watch the movie…

What do you think? Reading books in your native language or in the language the book was written in?


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