Songs for sports

While I was running this morning, I realised that I have been listening to the same music for weeks and that I urgently need a change. So when I came home I immediately dived into my music collection searching for new songs to accompany my running. Here goes what I have come up with so far:

Gabriella Cilmi – Echo Beach
The Killers – Human
The Killers –  Losing Touch
Black Eyed Peas – Màs que nada
Jack Johnson – Upside Down
Nicola Ciccone – Ciao Bella
Jessica Simpson – These boots are made for walking
Café Quijano – La Lola
Café Quijano – Los locos
David Bisbal – Corazón latino
David Bisbal – Oye el Boom
Robbie Williams – A man for all seasons
Shakira – How do you do?
Shakira – Don’t bother
The Planet Smashers – Surfin’ in Tofino
Owl City – Fireflies

Are there any songs you would recommend??? Tell me…


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