Do you know what I like the most about living where I live?! The seasons. Two years ago I spent half a year in Spain studying at University in Valladolid, a city in central Spain. It was nice, but I really missed the winter and the snow. That’s when I noticed how much I love the change of the weather throughout the year.

These last few days we have been enjoying some great late summer/early autumn weather with the sun taking its last strengths to warm up the air. I think, autumn is a great time of the year, because it offers so much variety. On some days it’s sunny and warm and you can go out and sunbath or refresh your tan while you’re doing some sports. On other days the weather is really windy, inviting you to let the kites fly, go for some windsurfing or sailing and let the wind ruffle you hair. Then there are the rainy days, when you best stay indoors and invite some friends for a round of games, a video night or a dia show with photos from the las summer vacation.

I also love taking my dog for a walk early in the morning, when it’s still foggy and the air is filled with a mystic atmosphere where you can imagine fairies, dwarfs or other fantasy creatures just popping into the air. It’s a very special time of the day. It fills me with an absolute peace and I feel like when I was a little girl, building winter homes for the dwarfes out of roots. This morning however, we enjoyed one of the last fog-free walks. So I used the great light to take some nice photos.

Autumn is also the time to celebrate the harvest festival and Halloween. Today my mom and I set up the decoration. We bought some late flowers and got the lanterns from the attic. I love the light they make, this soft flame in gold.

With the temperatures coming down to around 10° C we also lit the first fire in our oven this year. It felt wonderful again to cuddle in front of the oven watching a nice video – that’s how a weekend can begin.


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