Sports in Augsburg – a perfect combination

If you ask people from the outside of Germany what they know about German sports they normally know two names: The FC Bayern Munich – probably the most famous and successful soccer team in Germany and Michael Schumacher – 7 times world championship winner of the Formula 1.

I have to admit at this point, that I know both, but do NOT like neither of them. Of course, I’ve been to more than one game of Bayern Munich, given the fact that their stadium is almost in front of my door, but I’ve been more a supporter of other teams.

One of them is the FCA – Football Club Augsburg – the team of my hometown. Founded in 1907 it is one of the traditional teams among the German Bundesliga. At the moment they are playing in the 2nd Bundesliga, hoping to manage a rise within the next few years. Until last year they played in the Rosenau Stadium, built in 1951, which had reached cult status long ago. It was popular among the player and the fans, who would pilgrimage to the games all through the season every Sunday afternoon taking with them their family and friends.


But, with the Women’s Football Championship being held in Germany in 2011 and Augsburg being one of the places to host a game a new stadium was built: the Impuls Area.


Of course, if you compare the hard facts, the new stadium is great. Just from the outside it looks like a real entertainment palace, it holds more spectators, the seats are closer to the playing field, BUT it’s not the old stadium. Next week I’ll take a look at the new stadium with a guided tour and post some more photos online.

Change of topic – if you don’t like soccer, that doesn’t matter in Augsburg, because we also have a great ice-hockey team: the Augsburg Panthers


They played their first game in 1929 and moved into their stadium, the Curt-Frenzel Stadium – named after a local matador – in 1962. Up to this season they still play in the same stadium, which is the last one without full walls.


To keep their playing licence the stadium is being renovated at the moment. Of course, it’s very small compared to the big teams in Northern America, but it still has got a single atmosphere. This atmosphere seems to be pushing the team far up, at the moment, because they are 2nd in the German Ice Hockey League with good chances to continue their good form.

Unfortunately this means, that the FCA will not be as successful this year, because the two teams’ fates are linked. Whenever one of the team is really successful, the other seems to have a strand of real bad luck.

In any case, if you ever happen to come to Augsburg between August and May, you should definitely go and see one of the two teams or both. It’s absolutely worth it and you’ll have a great time.


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