Yesterday I was planning a short trip to Copenhagen with my boyfriend. As always there is a huge variety at the beginning and you feel like you’ll never find your way through all the hotels and flights. After researching for just an hour we stumbled upon the best offer ever: Flight and Hotel (incl. breakfast) just for 340 € per person. That’s something you can’t ignore so here it goes and therefore I’ll post the hotel immediately, so you can book your room…

The Hotel is called WakeUp Hotel. And the rooms look extravagant, don’t they? I hope one will sleep as sound as the room looks like, if you can sleep at all considering the great view


and Copenhagen’s reputation as uprising en-vogue city of Europe. However, I’m a little sad that we probably won’t get to see the little mermaid as she is on tour through China (I was told). Instead we will have to make with some Chinese art, which will be great, too, I’m sure.

I’ll tell you more after my trip which will be in November, so stay patient.


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