Music rules the world

When I was a child my mom would force me to take music lessons. First she would drag me to pre-school musical education where we spent hours pantomiming our names, songs or try every kind of instrument that exists in the world. It was a nice time, but after a while I got bored and wanted to advance.

That’s when the classical first instrument to play crossed my path: the flute. Is there any musician in the world who didn’t start music playing a flute? I doubt it. However, despite the negative image that goes with this instrument I stuck with it for about 10 years attaining a quite high level. As there was not much left to conquer I decided to opt for the piano instead, given the fact, that we had already one waiting in our living room for someone to play.

Piano keys


If you asked me today, I would say that the piano is still my favourite instrument to play. I like classical music as much as I enjoy playing modern pop or rock songs. My favourite song at the moment is the River flows in you by Yiruma. This is the link to listen to the song on YouTube. It was more by chance that I came across this song when I was looking for Bella’s Lullaby (from the Twilight movie) on youTube. Both songs have a really nice tune and are easily played on the piano.

Another band that I found recently on the web are the Planet Smashers. VancityAllie used their song “Surfin’ in Tofino” for one of her surfing videos which really took place in Tofino.  It’s definitely a song that brings back summer. BTW, talking of summer, the absolute summer song of 2009 for me is Emilia Torrini’s “Jungle drum“; together with Agnes’s “Release me” you got the optimal music mix to dance the night through.

To be honest there is nothing else that can make your day like a good song in the morning. So enjoy the songs and add them to your favourite’s list.


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