The diamond as big as the Ritz – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Recently when I was in my local book store I stumbeld upon a Penguin Classic. It was a collection of short stories from F. Scott Fitzgerald, an US-American writer who lived around the turn of the 19th century. I remembered having read The Great Gatsby some time ago in school – being one of the few novels I enjoyed reading.

So I choose the book and took it home to read. And also this collection of stories is great. There are five stories which were written around the 1920s sketching a wonderful image of the people and society during that time. If you ever happen to come across a copy of either

  • The diamond as big as the Ritz
  • Bernice bobs her Hair
  • The Ice Palace
  • May Day
  • The Bowl

You should take a minute and read the stories, because they are great. A bit seductive, spooky, freaked out and also a bit romantic. On my research about F. Scott Fitzgerald I also found out, that he wrote the book for this year’s Hollywood movie The curious case of Benjamin Button with Beau Brad Pitt. If this isn’t incentive enought to go and get a copy 😉

You can find a copy at Amazon


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