Some time ago I went to visit a friend in Trondheim. I decided to go there just for a few days. So to save time I travelled by plane, having to change planes at Oslo International Airport.

I went there in spring, around the 1 May and was surprised by the weather. I had feared that there would be snow and cold weather around 0° C. However, it was the absolute opposite. While my family back at home suffered from snow and rain, we had picknick at the park, enjoying grilled salmon.

It was a very nice trip I would advise everybody to take, when you get the chance to be in Norway. Though it’s a small city, it offers great variety of cultural activities, shopping and going-out. If you like coutdoors activities you can also go hiking, sailing or canoeing. I assure, you won’t have time to get bored.

I still have some problems posting the pictures directly here, but you can find them here:


One thought on “Trondheim

  1. Hey you ;o)
    I just love that you made a post about your trip to Trondheim. Even though its a coupel of years ago.
    Thanks fore the visit ;o)

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