Hello world!

So this is it. I finally got my blog. Wow. This was easier than I thought. I had a blog some time ago, but that wasn’t very successful and I gave up very quickly.

You want to know, why I started blogging again? Hm, I like to keep in touch with friends and get into contact using the Internet. There are so many possibilities you can use the web.

What you can expect from this blog? I love sports. So there will be a lot about soccer, running, yoga, windsurfing… I also love cooking and baking. I like trying new recipies from all over the world, my favourite kitchen is definitely Italian food, but I do also like traditional German food and American food. These are two of the topics you will find on this blog. I will, of course, also tell you about my trips around the world. I love travelling and have been to a great deal of Europe. I’m still missing the other continents, but I will get to them too…

If I could describe myself in three words? That’s difficult. I would say very out-going, colorful (I love colors…) and I never can sit still for a long time.

To finish this first entry… I hope you will like this blog and come here often to read my new entries.


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